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The impact of clarity

Andrea Basilio

Are you familiar with the words mission, vision and aim? I met people who were unable to move forward, because they have not clarified their vision and aim of being in business. They didn’t have a clear purpose therefore they were unable to create the results, that could have made a huge impact in their business. When our mind creates total clarity we literally fly through the finish line and hold the result in our hands before we know it. I remember going to a taster course and the presenter asked me whether it was difficult to find the place and I said it was very easy. The reason it was easy, because I had total clarity of what I wanted, therefore I had no obstacles in my way. During the course it became clear that both our values are the same and it was an obvious match. Now I am going full steam ahead with ease and enjoying every minute of it. Sure we can be fearful sometimes, but that is only a thought that firstly doesn’t belong to us and secondly we can erase it in a heartbeat. Yes that is right, we can choose to hold on and be stuck or give attention to what we do want. The impact of clarity helps my clients to become experts about themselves and their business, empower themselves and their business and execute their goals for profits: materially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Starting our day with gratitude and a clear mind will embrace the miracles that are already in our life waiting for us to notice them.

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