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Take a Break

I understand not everyone is able to go on a holiday as they are busy, have too many projects or other reasons. We can take a break by simply having a quiet 10 minutes to ourselves and observe our current state of life. Recently I asked someone what is his purpose in life? He was unable to answer the question and he realised that he is stuck in the same place. I asked him to take a deep breath and just sit in silence for 10 minutes and give those 10 minutes all to himself. After those 10 minutes he kept sitting in silence for a bit longer, then he told me that he is going to leave his job and going to do what he loves, which was travelling around the world and start enjoying different people and cultures. He got really excited about it and booked his first trip there and then. Just by taking care of the self we will be able to understand our purpose and when we have total clarity our brain will automatically find ways to create what we want. The more clarity we have the faster we are able to create our dreams, goals and desires. Remember to take a break and understand what your purpose in life is.

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