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Spring to Summer – Release, Refresh and Recharge

Spring is peaking out of the meadows and we naturally want to refresh our home, set new goals, plan our summer holiday and release the winter jacket of our mind, body and soul.

This year is passing by us so fast and we have to remember to eliminate ideas, thoughts and situations that can create obstacles on our path. When we want to change we can’t be scared of it just because we are not able to control or predict the outcome. The mistake some people make is focusing on expectations rather than just simply letting go of their pain and suffering.

As we are entering into our 2nd quarter (April to June) what is it that we want to complete and how we feel about it. Remember our goals are personal to us, however big or small they are and we are the ones that have to take 100% responsibility for them.

One of the problem solving techniques that I show my clients is how can they let go of their obstacles and limiting beliefs in an instant. Yes it can happen just like that. Our mind is a huge computer that stores our thoughts and we have so many millions of them at every moment, it is impossible ‘to know’ what is going. Things can spiral out of control as we pick up and hold on to our unwanted or stressful thoughts, we are going deeper and deeper and pick up something that doesn’t belong to us. The idea is to recognise the good we want to keep and the bad we want to let go – therefore it is our choice to create our happiness. Do it right now, pick up and focus on the good that you want to create in your life. We are 100% responsible for what we create in our existence; everything is within.

I wish you, your family, relatives and ancestors Peace beyond all comprehension.

Peace of I,


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