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I remember when I came to a crossroad in my life and had to choose to live or die. As you can see I chose to live and started the healing process 20 or more years ago. I can relate to those who reached either the same or similar stage or road in their life and searching for some sort of treatment, service or guidance to transform or create a different life. When I was looking for some assistance I could not see many possibilities, opportunities and had no idea how will get out of the dark and stuck space where I was back then. I know I invested into my life and learnt many modalities and continuing to learn more at every moment. That is one of the benefits of working with me; my past experiences, traumas, dramas and rocky roads I walked across and stood at the edge of the platform to end it all.

The sessions and services I offer to my clients are unique and it empowers them to be an orchestra of possibilities and that they can choose to be something different and create more space in their life. What I mean about more space is that when we get rid of the toxic elements from our body and mind we free up more space that from we can create and actualise something different, which works for us at that moment.

One touch can change someone’s world; one touch can turns things into Gold. When we are BEING in the ‘I am’ present moment just as we are there is nothing more important, but only that ‘NOW’ moment and only the Being of ‘I’. Everything else is not real: the past, the future the bad, the ugly the stuck emotions, anger, fear, money issues, lack of confidence, stress, anxiety, hatred, un-forgiveness, business problems, lack of clients and any other issues….these we create or pick up or hide or hold onto and if anyone comes close to removing them we are not so comfortable letting them go. I have been there, I was holding onto something that was not even real, which now I can laugh about, but back then was absolutely real to me.

Each session is extraordinary as we explore, empower and enlighten our life together with my clients. Yes that is right I am also changing with my clients and learn a lot during the sessions and I am grateful for these miraculous moments. I am filled with excitement when we discover something significant and release the knots of the body and create more.

I thank you for choosing me as your discerned practitioner, facilitator and a sovereign teacher. Are you choosing to thrive, manifest and to be the energy of knowledge, wisdom and prosperity? Are you ready to allow and receive and having loads of fun whilst you doing it? What are you willing to be now that you have not been before? What are the infinite possibilities that are available to you NOW?

Looking forward to embrace your true being and contribute and co-create your life with you!

Andrea Basilio LCH Dip.

Access Consciousness ® Bars Facilitator and Practitioner

Access Consciousness ® Facelift Practitioner

Alchemist – Advance Alchemy Body Process

Life and Business Coach and Facilitator

Kannaway Brand Ambassador

Author: Erase to Create: ‘I’ Just Want to Be Happy Click HERE TO BUY NOW


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