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How Can I Be More Peaceful?

I visited few Magical Forests which were full of enchanting bluebells and their hearts have given me healing beyond comprehension. As I was walking through the winding roads the aroma of them went straight into my arteries and transmuted into love from where inspirations birthed: ideas, right relationships, new energies and abundant flow. I was at awe of what Divinity is capable of creating when we take 100% responsibility for what is going on within. When I stopped for a picnic, I was observing how the ants were gathering their food and working together in unity. I gave them few pieces of fruits and they got into action to move them into their home. It was so interesting and peaceful to watch them and it filled my heart with joy. There were few deer jumping across the meadows and many tiny winged creatures circling in the air, while the rays of the sun came through the trees, it was a magical sight and experience. How wonderful to appreciate nature around us and that we too are capable of creating Peace with simplicity. I am always grateful for Earth not judging me, for the trees receiving me as I am and for the animals reflecting and affirming the transcended master path I am on. What if we can too be like Earth is to us? What if anything beyond love is not real? What if we can manifest our own Faery Tale? Remember your love moves the world and your Self-Identity has an infinite potential. Explore what you are capable of and always go one step further. I dance to the beat of my own drum, explore and follow my heart and take 100% responsibility moment by moment. Remember your LOVE moves the world. Peace be with you, Always. Andrea x

“Create from your heart and love yourself moment by moment”

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