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Empowering, awakening, nourishing and healing the mind, body and soul. Creating from the Earth, with the Earth and for the Earth.

Hello and Welcome to my Alchemical Raw Vegan Food Creations in the ‘I’ Am Present Moment

The food I create is all about being in the ‘I’ Am Present Moment. What does this means? It means that when I create my Raw Vegan/Vegan Collection Boxes I create with the vegetables that are available in that moment and also following my Awareness and Alchemical Energies that are beneficial for that particular day. It is just like you were going to a restaurant – so the concept is eat me don’t keep me.

You might see regular creations like my Money Maker Raw Vegan Chocolate Fudge or Chocolate or various wraps or sushi. All my dishes are designed to heal the and nourish the body. It is about inviting the body to reset whatever it needs to be healed. What does Alchemised Food means? It means that the creations are either blessed, certain revocations added to them mentally and energetically – which means they bring the body back to its natural state of being and more importantly create freedom, heal, harmonise and re-instate balance in the body. If you are interested to order a Raw Vegan Box of Food for Collection please visit the product page, where it will be uploaded soon, but until then feel free to contact Andrea directly to place your order.

If you have any allergies please let us know and if you have any nut or seed allergies this might not be for you as there are nuts and seeds used in many of the dishes. It is absolutely vital and critical that we are notified if you or anyone else who will be eating this food have any allergies.

What is a raw vegan?

A raw vegan diet (also called an uncooked diet) is an eating pattern that consists primarily of uncooked, unprocessed foods. Some raw-food advocates suggest that in order for a diet to qualify as “raw”, at least 75% by weight of the diet must be raw food. However, there is no formal consensus on this point, and definition by raw-food leaders differ according to their unique perceptions of the ideal diet. Foods generally qualify as being raw if they have not been exposed to temperatures in excess of 118 degrees F (48 degrees C), although some raw-food leaders suggest lower maximum temperatures. Freezing food is considered acceptable.

Peace  be with You, Always, Andrea xxx

“Andrea puts her heart and soul into the making of it. I am not a vegetarian or a raw vegan for that matter and yet I really enjoy her creations, which are always different, and I am more than happy to recommend one of Andrea’s boxes for you to check out. It’s a great deal for two people: starter, two mains, desert, fudge, lovely bread as a side choice.” (Martina Grubmueller, Kingston Upon Thames – Galactic Facilitator)

“You not only found your passion, but you found your Magical passion. You have found the focus, the passion and the daily practice and have tamed it in such a way you can reproduce magic by a click of a finger, just like that.” (Andrew Bartzis, The Galactic Historian)

I have personally tried the MONEY MAKER fudge and it is DELICIOUS!!!! I had FIVE pieces and wanted MORE!! Xx (Mark David Woollard, Staines Upon Thames)

“Andrea kudos to you starting this! It was time! Your food cannot be hidden from others! Most flavourful meals I’ve ever had.” (Sue Buss, Wokingham) #happyfood #rainbowinyourmouth 😋❤️
“Thank you Andrea for the delicious treats. Best chocolate ever. …. So talented…” (Maire Ni Gohlin, Galactic Facilitator, Ireland)
“Shout out to Andrea Basilio for the Amazing Homemade Chocolates delivered by Martina Grubmueller. Cheers Andrea they are the best chocolates I’ve ever had and healthy too!” (Laura Massey, Galactic Facilitator & Craniosacral Therapist, West Sussex) 

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