Empowering, awakening, nourishing and healing the mind, body and soul. Creating from the Earth, with the Earth and for the Earth.

Coaching and Facilitation

Facilitating, coaching and clearings are between 30 minutes to an hour or more, everything can be created to suit your current requirements.

I thank you for choosing me as your discerned practitioner, facilitator and a sovereign teacher. Are you choosing to thrive, manifest and to be the energy of knowledge, wisdom and prosperity? Are you ready to allow and receive and having loads of fun whilst you doing it? What are you willing to be now that you have not been before? What are the infinite possibilities that are available to you NOW? Looking forward to embrace your true being and contribute and co-create your life with you!

“You are my secret weapon!” (C.R.) Read more testimonials here. 

Erase to Create

You have to be involved to evolve, this pocket poem book is about the ‘I’ Am and Andrea created it for anyone who would like to change their life and evolve from within. One can reflect within an issue that is going on for them, whether it is do with their mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, anger or other emotions. One can also find simple tools that are easy to use in every day life no matter of one’s background. It is creating a global impact around the world. #EreaseToCreate

“Very positive and reading with the right mindset you will find golden nuggets in every poem.”  (By Richard W Knight)

“Being authentic is the name of the game and Andrea certainly is true to her personal journey with that little gem here. There is complexity found in the simplicity of her short poems covering all areas of life. She also shares some simple techniques and tools to create more awareness for oneself.” (Martina Grubmueller )

“This is a great book, very inspirational. It was great to read about Andrea’s personal journey, she also gives techniques for your own self development. A great read!” (By Caroline Giaconella)

Going to Mars with Maven

I entered a competition with Nasa to send my poem up to Mars, where I had to write a verse in a type of Haiku, which is a Japanese poetic form, and I won!  It was an exciting countdown on the 18th November 2013.

You can purchase the whole framed poem here, that is a contribution to Earth and our Galaxy. #Alchemy #Mars #TheEnergyOfPossible

Alchemical Poetry

30/60/90 Days Inventory Clearing Sessions

Andrea’s Magic & Miracle Clearing Sessions.

Distant Inventory Clearings

How this happens?

After purchasing this services Andrea will send you a form to complete and there you can add or write any issues, problems, thoughts, feelings or anything, that you would like to clear on or currently going on in your life. When the form is completed and received the clearing will start for the days required, which can be 30/60/90.
 This form is very detailed and includes and touches upon many different areas, if not all including the body and mind. As this is a distant and very deep clearing there is no communication during these days, however Andrea can send you some notes and findings afterwards.

Clear Your Fear and Start Receiving - Meditation

This is as Guided Alchemical Meditation to release fears and start receiving. It means receiving anything, could it be extra income, health, wealth, relationships, clients or really anything one would like to receive, but feels that their receiving of anything is rather rejection and fear. Benefits of this recording is that it can be listened to over and over again, each day or week whatever is the person is willing to commit to. It also has few other tools for manifesting future desires as well as other clearing rituals. Please remember this is a meditation so listen to it at home, if you are in nature perhaps, but not when you are driving.

Peace be with you, Always. Aloha.

Open up to new possibilities...