Welcome to my media page, hope you will enjoy all the interesting interviews, joyful chatter, insightful conversations, uplifting poems and funny moments. In my child and adulthood I went through a lot of trauma and drama and these interviews or chats happened as I was healing and learnt different types of modalities.  I chose to live and now I am a healed healer, sovereign teacher and facilitator and a hub of inter-connectivity inspiring others to lead a benevolent lifestyle.  Obviously some of these recordings were years ago, although it might contribute to someone’s life. Happy watching, listening or reading. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

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Interviewed by Nicky Patrick from BBC Surrey Radio About Alchemy

Erase to Create: ‘I’ Just Want to Be Happy! Book Review on Radio Jackie

My story of choosing to live

Suicide Awareness: Pain poem

Gratitude to the planet

Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator Spotlight Series:

Interviewed by Michael Losier Teacher, Facilitator and Author

I completed a Life and Business Coaching Highest Level of Diploma with Curly Martin – this is an Interview with her.

Interviewed by Debra Crossman in Voice America Radio Station