Erase to Create: ‘I’ Just Want to Be Happy! Poem Book Buy Here

You can listen and read some of Andrea’s Poems by Clicking Here


“All of the Christmas and other gifts I bought from you put a smile to my friends and families face.” (C.P.)

Andrea’s is a treasure finder and she always has something unique in her shop. Pictures will be uploaded soon, although you can send her an email if you are looking for something special, she will find it for you. Get in touch:


Andrea works with the elements and nature inspires her to take pictures and capture their natural beauty.

CLEARING CARDS- in addition to Andrea’s beautiful images she creates her Poem Clearing Cards that not only basks in the beauty of nature also invites the reader to explore consciousness and to a more expansive space. Truly inspiring! “My sister really loved her card. Thank you.” (Mark D. Woollard)