Erase to Create: ‘I’ Just Want to Be Happy! Poem Book Buy Here

This book is about the ‘I’ Am – within us, and Andrea created this little pocket book for anyone who would like to change their life and evolve within. Many people said that they were able to reflect within an issue that is going on for them, whether it is do with their mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, anger or other emotions. They said they found peace within, there are also tools in the book that can create the life one desires. Peace be with you, Always. #EraseToCreate #Awareness #Being

You can listen and read some of Andrea’s Poems by Clicking Here

By Richard W Knight

“Met Andrea at a networking event and I always like to know what makes people tick and this book certainly gives me a great insight into what makes Andrea tick. Very positive and reading with the right mindset you will find golden nuggets in every poem. Very easy read.”

By Martina Grubmueller 

“Being authentic is the name of the game and Andrea Basilio certainly is true to her personal journey with that little gem here. There is complexity found in the simplicity of her short poems covering all areas of life. She also shares some simple techniques and tools in her book to create more awareness for oneself.”

By Caroline Giaconella

“This is a great book, very inspirational. The format of short poems is original and very refreshing. It was great to read about Andrea’s personal journey, she also gives techniques for your own self development. A great read!”

By Neil Long from Radio Jackie

“Andrea is a powerhouse of possibility! And poetry.
Recommend this little book with a big message.”

By A.R.

“An inspiring book with many thought provoking, heart-to-heart, poems. A highly recommended read.”

By Krystian Mierzwa  

“Inspiring and helpful. Life hints served in accessible manner. Highly recommended!”

By Sakine Arslanon

“Easy to read, inspiring book.”

By Lindsey Reed

“Hi Andrea, Thank you so much for your book and the lovely card. It’s a delight to read your poems and gives me such joy that you will publish them. Well done Andrea.”

The Alchemy of Nature and Clearing Cards 

Andrea loves her walks and works with Mother Earth and its elements, it inspires her to write poems, her blog, creating new dishes and her inner work.  Nature speaks to her heart and she captures the messages and gifts of it in the present moment and each picture is paired with a poem.

These Alchemy Clearing Cards are available to order(£3.99) and their purpose is for cleansing the mind, body and soul and also any objects that one requires. Just swipe the card over anything i.e. contracts, clothes, plants, animals, body or body parts that are in pain, food, home, furniture, garden or internal organs, blood or really anything, it is up to one’s imagination. It will re-instate everything to its natural way of being.

You can read some of her poems on her BLOG as well as under the Erase to Create menu under Products.

 “My sister really loved her card. Thank you.” (Mark D. Woollard)