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Change your life Power Session


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Create the life you desire by focusing yourself

Change your life by staying on track with it. Ask anything from Andrea in this 30 minutes energetical and power sessions. Many people would like to change their financial circumstances and are stuck and not sure where they are at in life. These power sessions are for those who need a kick start to be more productive, have more clarity, get back into the flow, stuck and would like to take action, feeling a bit lost, dealing with something unexpected or a sudden change, they had enough of where they are and need some guidance.

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew what you desired, but somehow you were just stuck?

Are you ready to push the reset button?

Are you willing to receive abundance, health, wealth, harmony, balance and a fearless life?

Would you like to start creating flow?

In this fast spaced world we believe we have no time, in fact time is an illusion and it is disappearing from our reality faster than we can realise it. When we are in the flow we don’t even notice time, because we are busy taking actions. Remember everything is just a choice and we are the source of our choices, because we choose to be happy. We are the life source of our desires whether it is planting vegetables, meditating or making a healthy meal. We often mistaken our business as a pure money making scheme, although our business is our life. Money is an energy that can only appear if we don’t abuse or misuse it.

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Andrea works on the basis of Ho’oponopono, which means taking 100% responsibility for the self.

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