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Test Drive and MOT

Andrea Basilio

When we create a new product or service we test drive it to make sure that it is working the way we want it to be. Then the sales take off and we have many other aspects of the business to focus on. Suddenly we get busier and busier and we rely on our staff to run the business efficiently and the way we imagined it to be. It is very important to have an MOT throughout the year. I know trusted companies who I work with or use their services are now making sure that they not only test drive their products and services, but conduct a very thorough MOT and make sure their staff are still on the same page with their aims and mission. They create attractive and comfortable working conditions for their staff and give them support in an area where they are not so good at. They invest in their development, because they are the driving force of the company, products and services. The impact that this have on their business is none or minimal turnover of staff, loyalty, satisfied customers and increase in their profits.

I recently called a company who’s service I found not so good. I happened to knew the CEO of the company and advised him to look into this issue. He told me that I am not the first person who told him about this. I asked him what is he going to do to remedy the problem and he said nothing. The impact on his business was that he lost my custom, I wouldn’t recommend his products or services and from what I hear he lost other customer’s too. That is how not taking 100% responsibility can impact on our business.

Remember your aims, mission and the passion when you opened your company. Do you still feel the same? If not what are you willing to do about it? Either way you will have an end result – positive or negative. By taking 100% responsibility you can erase the problems and create profitable results.

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