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Peace Comes from Within

It is that time of the year when people are rushing around and can get stressful from the pressures of Christmas countdown. I always think of the people who are in my life with gratitude and love and how much they helped me to be a better person just by being in my present moment.

Those who came into our life and departed in one way or another given us the opportunity to raise our standards, vibrations and we learnt from their wisdom or other energies.  It can be disheartening when someone who we love or very much attached to leaves us and for a while it is very painful. Similar way on social media sites, we can get attached to our followers and if one leaves we feel hurt by it, even if we don’t know the person. We develop a kind of energy of expectation, if you will, which is the reason we can feel disappointed.

During my work with my clients I experienced that most people were attached to hatred, anger, guilt, jealousy, betrayal or even worse and kept focusing on that energy, which made their life totally miserable.

Some of my clients told me it is too painful for them to reconnect or even forgive the other person. I asked them: “Where they feel the pain?” Without any exception they all said inside. So I asked: “Is the other person suffering and in pain.” Again all of them said that they have no idea. So I asked: “Who is really in pain then?” And they realised it was them who is holding onto old memories that are making their life a misery and it is only them who can take 100% responsibility for the pain. I myself was one of these people, but I got through it and now I can confidently help my clients to deal with their issues. Coaching is an extraordinary tool that moves my clients to the highest mountain they can go up to so they can achieve their true purpose.

When we are willing to take 100% responsibility our world will change and we will be able to allow what truly belongs to us.

Peace as Always,


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