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Parrot Peace Pandemic

I saw these kissing and peaceful parrots on my walk this morning, even the animals are calling for unity and peace in this chaos and pandemic. Only a few weeks ago the nation were talking about kindness and when we really have to step up and show this beautiful quality some people are showing unkindness and willing to get into a fight over something that can be resolved in peace. This reality does not work like this any longer so if anyone thinks this will work for them, they can forget about it as they will be left behind. There will be more people who are willing to step up and unite in peace. I urge you please create peace within your heart and love yourself – because only from this loving energy can compassion and empathy awaken. An awakened soul is in itself a miracle that can communicate on a different platform and enable clarity to surface. I am asking you please be the energy of these loving parrots. Lets create a Peace Pandemic together. #Alchemy #Awareness #Unity #Peace

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