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Love, inspirations and peace

I remember Dr Hew Len used to say our only enemies are our thoughts and memories replaying data, all that we created, accumulate and accepted from eons and eons of time. In fact, we might be conscious of 15 things, although in our subconscious 15 million is playing out per second, that we are not aware of. One of my clients told me: “Andrea we truly know nothing.” I replied indeed, the more opportunities we have to stare into our enemies’ eyes – that are all within – the more opportunities we have to create Peace in our life, which then will transmute to the rest of the Universe. That is how we take 100% responsibility and that can only happen from our existence, we can decide to be or not to be data free. When I work with people, I always remind them to release expectations as we have no idea what is going on or how things will resolve, we clear for the only purpose, that we are free.

I don’t heal nor clear my clients, but I release my attachments to the problem they talk to me about and by doing so I disrupt the algorithms and attachments to that particular case, issue or problem. And Divine Intelligence will send us Inspiration. I would like to emphasize that we will have no idea that they are there, we will just act upon whatever comes up. Sure, there are times when we say oh wow, that is incredible how it came about. I am always at awe what Divinity is capable of creating. All we have to do is to make a petition to our subconscious to let go and let God. Is that simple, in fact life is very simple, but because we have so much accumulated data, that we act from that state of mind rather than zero or a neutral way of being.

Everything is within and it is wonderful to appreciate that we are the superhero we always dreamt of. We are the love, the passion the flow – father, mother child as one and the Divine. To be or not to be data free – that is the question? I wish you, your relatives and ancestors Peace beyond all comprehension.

Peace be with you, Always. Andrea x

“Create from your heart and love yourself moment by moment”

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