Inspirations by those who chose greater and actualised their desires.

“I feel much lighter after my session with Andrea. Her  gentle healing touch invites a lot of space for the body to relax and release without questioning the why or the how. I love the way she steps out of any roles and let’s her true kindness take over as soon as she starts a session. I really recommend her, a very unique lady. Thank you.”

M.Grubmueller (London)

Hi Andrea! Sorry, been really busy and forgot to reply! It was such a contribution to me, you have no idea. I have opened up a lot on the side of sex specifically, which is something that has felt unchangeable for the past 13 years.

I’ve gotten a lot of freedom in that area and will continue to choose to have more. I don’t know exactly what magic you do but my body needed just that. Thank you so so so much. 💖

M.M. (London/Australia)

After a hectic and difficult period of my life I got the opportunity to receive Alchemy session from Andrea. As being a healer myself it is important for me in times of emotional turmoil to seek professional help to release issues that can not be done anyway.

Arriving to Andrea’s it was surprising me how intimate her place was arranged, warmness, safety and comfort are all present when you enter the room. It took a couple of minutes for me to relax and form some sentences about intentions of the healing. Andrea’s questions were straightforward and helping me to see my troubles with a neutral eye. Her non-judgemental approach shows her compassion and she is able to put aside her own personality when she started the session. It was clearly sensible that when her hands started to to move around my body the two bodies build a strong connection and talked to each other. Andrea set an intention to receive and send those energies that provide the best solution.

I lost the sense of time and was able to quiet my mind. During the session I sensed that different parts of my body started to feel much alive than before and had a sense of relief. Thoughts about worries and problems just flown away. Around half time of the session I started to sense my body differently, I sensed space physically, not only mentally. The Alchemy session proved me that our mind and body are connected and these part can be in a good balance which can make us ready to create more in this world.

I need to mention that I told very little about my issues to Andrea but she tuned in and asked me questions right spot on. Just questions. This attention and presence is very rare in my experience as I was expected to get advice’s as many other healers do by using their own knowledge.

This session was different as I got clearing questions and I was able to listen to my body for answers which were more deeper than my thinking mind’s answers.

Andrea’s Alchemy session made my connection with my body much deeper and I am looking forward to continue the work with her. If I can give advice for prospective clients than it is that you set your intentions, questions in advance and keep in mind during the sessions. Andrea’s hand will find the way to get you the right answer. And even more.

L.Nemeth (London/Hungary)