Aho Consciousness Explorers and Manifestors!

Here you can watch and read some Revocations and Invocations to help you to create the life you desires. I create these when anything inspires me and also with my Alchemy in the present moment, and with the awareness of other people watching it in the future whether here on Earth or other Universes and Galaxies. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch. #Alchemy #TheEnergyOfPossible

Email: info@andreabasilio.com or Call: 07868 165 898.

The Rhythm of Awakening

Speaking the Dream Weave

Alchemical Union and Communion with Love

Ancestral Blood ``Sausage``

The Alchemy of the Blood

Sanctuary of Slows

A Plethora of Senses

Celestial Womb Cake

Solar Soul

Lunar Love