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Words of Reality

Words will create our reality – I am sure we heard this expression before. I believe that we are reality; therefore the source is within us. We are the taskmasters, the dreamers, the artists, the composers of how we wish to see the world and how we wish to create our own business, clients, relationships, families, prosperity and anything that we want.

The possibilities are really infinite when we understand and accept the magnificence of who we really are and what are we capable of. What else can we create and generate from the position that we are right now, at this moment in time, whether it is good or bad, it doesn’t matter as we can always create something different. My point of view is that we are infinite beings therefore we can create infinite possibilities and have fun in the process.

When things come to us with ease that is when we are in the flow. I appreciate that not every person is at the same level of consciousness, although that doesn’t mean that they can’t reach another level and another and so on. When I was aware that I had to improve a certain area of my life first of all I asked myself whether I was totally committed to change. 100% commitment is the first step. After that I made a choice that yes I am determined to create something different, be someone different and ready to allow to receive whatever is the best for me, which means infinite possibilities. Desires or inspired results can appear into our life from any direction from any source from any person. I didn’t create an outcome of how, why, what or when. I let it happen naturally. I was also aware of what language was I using as our words can determine our reality I changed what I was saying about me, my business and other aspects of my life.

For some people it comes in a heartbeat some has to notice what are they saying (old patterns) and align to a more positive language (new patterns). And even if we are just aware of what are we saying and thinking that is a great step. Practice makes master as they say. I also love to ask myself: “What else is possible? How Does It Get Any Better Than This?” Remember that we are infinite beings and we have a choice to use the words that will allow us to create infinite possibilities beyond our imagination. What if just by changing our words we could create something better than what we have thought was possible? How Does It Get Any Better Than That?

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