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Happiness, clarity and success – How to find the source within

Andrea Basilio
Andrea Basilio

When we fully understand our core aim, mission and vision and set a foundation in our life we will be able to reach our purpose in a much faster pace.

Many of my clients asked me how they can find their purpose that can lead them to ultimate success. I normally ask them what they would do more than anything in this world, even if money was not an issue for them. What if they could not fail? And how happy will they be when they are doing what they love? Many of my clients were at a job that they didn’t love and they were not happy therefore they kept attracting struggle, fear, anxiety, stress, frustrations, problems in their relationships and other issues. They were fearful of giving up what made them uncomfortable, yet there were comfortable in that state of mind or being. Not all of us are ready to give up fear, anxiety or even anger. I often wonder how come we are happy to suffer for years and put up with something we don’t want or like and yet if we were to bite into some disgusting food we would spit it out in a nanosecond? Interesting point of view…

We all have different goals, dreams and desires in our life; let that be relationships, business, wealth, health or clients. 100% responsibility will give us 100% clarity therefore as I mentioned earlier we reach our purpose faster and our life will be more in the flow. Whatever we need to achieve our goals, resources, circumstances or people will naturally show up in our life. We are the governors of our clarity, set the pace for our goals, the foundation for our business, the standard for our relationships and the quality of our products.

People can be so far away from what is real or not that they are stuck in data and can’t see they lost themselves in the process. When we feel uncomfortable in a situation and angry, upset, frustrated, emotional, jealous, stuck or facing many other obstacles we sometimes can’t see the wood for the tree. All we see, feel or hear that our business is unsuccessful, our marriage failed, our health deteriorated, because of stress and we are angry with the world and everyone in it. We are not ready to face our ‘demons’ and we can develop unhealthy habits of overeating, drugs, alcohol, obsessive cleaning or even contemplating suicide.

Believe me there is always a way forward and I will be honest with you it might seem hard at the beginning, but it will get easier as we raise our standards to our required level. That is when we tap into our source of clarity, which is available to all of us.  If we decide we had enough of what we don’t want all we have to do is to think about what we truly do want. And in order to do so we first we have to let go of what we already holding onto. It can be done in a heartbeat, although not everyone is capable of applying that process or tool. Therefore we can get there step by step in our own terms and pace.

Being a coach it is important for me to develop myself further so I can help my clients better and give them an outstanding VIP experience. My aim is that they achieve their ultimate purpose. If they are willing to be 100% responsible and believe in what they want I am willing to work with them. It is not just a session, but a partnership of two people who are willing to be extraordinary.

Remember when you focus on what you want (or not) it will appear in your life. You are the magnet of your desires. Wishing you a day full of clarity filled with your dreams, goals and desires!

Peace as Always, Andrea.

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