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Erase and break through your worst enemies

Andrea Basilio

What I call our worst enemies are our unwanted thoughts, especially if we get attached to them and create unpleasant stories with them in our mind. These stories then create limiting beliefs, fears and obstacles, stress and anxieties.

When an unwanted thought appears in our existence we can hold on to it or we can let it go without any stories attached to it, in other words we don’t give life to it to exist. I am aware that there are many people who are already attached to their stories and even if they think it is true, it is possible to erase and create something extraordinary.

When we break through the surface and open up like the flower when they blossom at spring we will slowly be able to come to full bloom, mature and embrace our true self. Each day we get more clarity and when we are truly clear in what we wish to achieve it will appear in our existence, normally from the least expected source. There are millions of possibilities towards a happier, healthier and wealthier life.

There is also a benefit to our unwanted thoughts for a brief moment, because we will recognise what we don’t want, which will give birth to clarity. Therefore whatever we created we can erase. And out of clarity inspirations will appear or in other words inspired results.

I worked with clients who were really stressed about something and every situation the story was that they created something based upon an illusion with no evidence and the story grew stronger and bigger each day.

I myself went through similar situations and some were easier to erase than others. Then I realised that the belief that it was hard to erase was another obstacle/story that I created. I learnt how can I create more possibilities and positive outcomes from my unwanted thoughts and they became miracles.

My experiences taught me how to face and erase fears, obstacles, adversities, traumas, dramas and other unpleasant and uncomfortable situations. And that is the reason I am able to create instant and enduring changes in my client’s life.

Live your life from happiness, balance, harmony and peace. The possibilities are endless and they are absolutely everywhere. Just trust yourself, whatever you believe you can achieve you can.

Peace be with you, Always


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