Access Bars Certified Practitioner Class

These Classes are happening continuously during the year so please watch out for dates here or on my Access Consciousness profile page with the link below where you can also register. Upcoming dates are 14th April, 28th, April, 12th May 2019. You can contact me directly to register for these dates.

17th May there is a class in Dublin

22nd June there is a class in Brighton

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Creative Edge Events

Private One to One Sessions that can change your life, transform your world and will guide you towards your desires.

I also have a private Facebook group where I read some of my Conscious Poetry every Wednesday evenings if you would like to be part of my group please contact me.

Gifting and Receiving of Access Bars, Access Energetic Facelift, Body Processes for Practitioners,

Facilitators and Anyone who would like to experience it.

Introduction to Access Bars

Please get in touch for more details and dates:


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