Hello, I am Andrea an Alchemist, healed healer, Universal Master Facilitator, Author and Coach. I am the hub of inter-connectivity for the seen and unseen and have a deep connection with nature. I am a Creator of the #TheEnergyOfPossible which is about empowering and awakening people to their truth, clarity, awareness and being. I guide them to re-instate (reset) their blueprint and my aim is to leave the ‘I’ AM Legacy.

I love to write about what I am aware of whether it is empowering poems, clarity from nature, healing raw vegan food, light bulb moments or other adventures. I would like to invite you All to be awaken to unity, peace and harmony in your body, mind and soul.

“Creating from the Earth, with the Earth and for the Earth.”

If you like my content please consider buying me a cup of tea, most of you know that come rain, shine or snow I am always armed with a cup of tea.  I appreciate your continued support, encouragement that I have received from you so far, it inspires me to create more healing and happy dishes.

Thank you for your donation. With deepest gratitude,

Andrea xxx