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Are you focusing on the Gold or the Dead Fish?

Andrea Basilio

I had an inspiring session with a client of mine. I asked her what she would like to erase and create instead? She described her struggle with her life and she said even the gold fish is a struggle for her, because one died and she had one left. I asked her some questions that made her feel very uncomfortable to the point that she went into an angry rant. Then we paused…After she calmed down she told me she was always quiet and that she hardly spoke when she was young. She had all these beliefs about her, that naturally were not true and her only evidence was the stories that she created in her head. She nurtured this ‘data’ called struggle within her and that is what she kept focusing on over and over again. Every day she was going through the same process and she kept attracting more of the struggle. She realised that it took her the same amount of time focusing on what she wanted and how she wanted her life to be, which was happiness. I told her when she erased what she doesn’t want the issue she was looking at will change. It takes us the same amount of time focusing on a dead gold fish as being grateful that the other one is still alive. Sometimes we are not grateful for what we have and complaining about what we don’t, hence keep attracting more of it. What impact would have on our business if we gave up all our limiting beliefs that are stopping us to increase our profits, our client base and causing us a high turnover of staff? And what impact will have on our business if we continue to nurture these beliefs? Change requires a huge amount of strength and taking the first step towards it, will give us freedom to create more abundance in our business. It is our choice to focus on the dead fish or the gold that we already have and truly deserve.

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