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Andrea Basilio LCH Dip.

Life and Business Coach, Facilitator, Alchemist and Author

Someone asked me: “Andrea, when did you start your learning and choosing more?” And I replied without any hesitation: “I was 9 years old.” It was a warm autumn evening and we were watching cars racing through our village under the stars lying in front of our house. We carved a pumpkin and put a candle in it, which was our light to see the paper where we jotted down the numbers of the cars. I looked up in the sky and I saw a flickering light of an air plane far away and at that moment I made a choice. I chose to travel around the world, have a happier life and get free from all the pain and sadness.

My will power is like a horse power or even bigger and when I chose something different nobody could stop me in my way.  And if I found that it wasn’t a contribution anymore I chose something different. That is how my exploration and journey in consciousness started and continues at every moment. All my dreams and beyond actualised and I am grateful for the rocky roads and adversities as they taught me so much and I was able to take 100% responsibility and empower my life.

I learnt different tools and modalities to heal myself from which my clients are benefiting now. Coaching is an art for me and if one has stern foundations it can create magic. I am grateful for the thousands of people I worked, facilitated, treated and changed their life for the better. They all taught me so much about myself, my work and where I still needed improvements. I am not finished or completed my development and learning as I am choosing and asking for more and receiving with total joy and ease.

I am now a healed healer, sovereign teacher; masterful facilitator and I create the life I desire. I chose a life path of a discerned practitioner of discipline and I aim to leave a legacy that has a global impact. One of my clients said to me: “Andrea you are the hub of inter-connectivity and connect people to each other. And you not only think outside of the box, but you are being the box.” I am grateful for creating, generating and being a benevolent leader and a broadcasting beacon for others across the planet. You can read what clients say by clicking here.

Clarity Will Empower Your Life.

Alchemist – Raw Vegan Food Alchemy

Alchemy of the Body Advanced Energetic Body Treatment

Life and Business Coach and Facilitator LCH Dip. (Degree Level)

Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator

Your Acoustical Body™ Practitioner

Access Consciousness ® Bars  & ® Energetic Facelift Practitioner

Author: Erase to Create: ‘I’ Just Want to Be Happy Click HERE TO BUY NOW

Empowering, awakening, nourishing and healing the mind, body and soul. Creating from the Earth, with the Earth and for the Earth.

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