About Me

Andrea Basilio LCH Dip.

Life and Business Coach, Facilitator, Alchemist and Author

I remember one autumn evening I was lying on the grass with a friend and we were watching cars racing through our village under the stars at front of our house. As well as the shining stars a carved pumpkin with a candle in it was our light to see the paper where we jotted down the numbers of the cars. I think I must have been about 9 years old. I can still smell the petrol from the cars and street lights shining through the slowly disappearing exhaust fumes. When the race was over I looked up in the sky and I saw a light, which I recognised that it was an airplane very far-far away and at that moment I wished upon a star. To be honest it was more of a demand or a choice that one day I will have a chance to travel on an airplane and not only see the world, but will be much happier and free from all the pain, sadness and testing times. I always had this belief and determination in me that no matter what will it take I will do anything I believe it was possible to do to get where I would like to be. Many times I didn’t hesitate I just started and if it didn’t work I tried something else. That is how my exploration to consciousness and journey started and continues today. Many of dreams and beyond actualised and I am truly grateful for the rocky roads and adversities as they taught me so much and I was able to take 100% responsibility and empower my life.

I started to learn different tools and modalities to heal myself first then if anyone else was interested I would pass it on to them. I am grateful for the thousands of people I worked with and changed their life for the better. They all taught me so much about myself, my work and where I still needed improvements.

I am now a healed healer, sovereign teacher and I create my own reality and chose a life path of a discerned practitioner of discipline and I aim to leave a legacy that has a global impact. I am continuously expanding and creating more space to be a hub of inter connectivity and a broadcasting beacon about a benevolent life. Clarity Will Empower Your Life.

Empowering benevolent leaders to live on the creative edge, prosperity and infinite possibilities. 

BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT BELOW OR GET IN TOUCH: info@andreabasilio.com 07868 165 898.