Empowering, awakening, nourishing and healing the mind, body and soul.
Creating from the Earth, with the Earth and for the Earth.

Andrea Basilio Coaching and Facilitation

Coaching & Facilitation

Andrea completed and gained her LCH. Dip. Coaching Diploma (Degree Level) in 2008. She has an extraordinary style to disrupt algorithms, create miracles and to stir up the treasures in people, Universes and Earth to manifest a global impact. One has to be involved to evolve and empower their Self-Identity. Click here to read about her.

Andrea Basilio Coaching and Facilitation


Alchemy is an advanced hands on (gentle touch) energetic body treatment, fully clothed, that resets the body’s frequency to its natural state of being, whilst releases blocked thoughts, feelings and emotions. Can also be facilitated online. Click here to listen.

Andrea Basilio Coaching and Facilitation

Raw Vegan

Raw Vegan Alchemical Food Master/Medicine Woman A journey through the senses and facilitating Earth from within. Remember your gut feeling is always the truth teller. What are you noticing in there? Is it stuck? Is it full of rage or fear? Do you feel frustrated or sluggish? Are you ready to love yourself more than anything in this world? Facilitation with the elementals.  Click here to view. 

Andrea Basilio Coaching and Facilitation


Andrea writes conscious poetry and she combines these with conscious clearing cards with pictures from her walks and travels. Her book is about creating awareness, reflecting to the ‘I’ Am Being and to invite the reader to awaken to unity, freedom and to create the life they truly desire. Buy here: Erase to Create: ‘I’ Just Want to Be Happy!

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